Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cleaning up the Game Collection: The Struggle Continues

Okay, I think I've finally decided how to organize my game collection. The struggle I have is that I have so many games that I feel like I'm a jack-of-all games, master of none. So, I have decided to categorize and prioritize my game collection.

For each of the below categories I will declare one primary game, three secondary games, and six tertiary games, giving me 10 games in each category for a total of no more than 40 games. Yeah, I'm gaming light.

Role-Playing Games (Pathfinder will be my primary game in this category)
Group Games (Twilight Imperium and Napoleonics Wars will be my top games)
One-on-One Games (Magic and War of the Ring will be in this category)
Topical Games (APBA will be my primary game in this category)

I realize there will be overlap but I'll work that to the game's advantage. I also realize I probably need a "Misc" category for card games and such.

So, with a move and moving sale just around the corner I think I'll pack up and go from there.