Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Final Sorting of the Games

Well, I finally sorted my games and updated my collection on boardgamegeek.  I decided to categorize the games by historical period and/or type and I'm very happy with the final outcome. There's very little, if any, overlap between the games. I also created a number of boardgamegeek lists sorting my games.

There are a few gaps in my gaming list, as indicated by a few entries in my wish list.  The main games I'm looking for now are ASL Starter Kit Expansion 1 (seems like a nice general introduction to the game), Brittania, and Guildford.  The latter represents the only battlefield I've visited for which I do not have a game.  That and maybe Wilson's Creek, but I don't know many games that cover that battle. There's an old SPI edition.  Maybe I should put that on my wish list.

Anyway, here are my eight categories of games:

Family Games
"Grand" Wargames
World History
American History
American Civil War
World War II
Sports Games
Roleplaying Games

I won't sort the games out here, but you can see my collection at Al's Boardgame Collection and from there, you can find my geeklists and how I've sorted the games.  It's not a perfect sorting, but it works for me.

It was fun sorting my board games and wargames and very fulfilling getting the entire list into I've been wanting to get that done for a long time now.