Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meet Luten: Halfling Bard

Pretty much my whole DnD/Pathfinder career has been spent playing a fighter. And why not? fighters are the first in, last out, which really reflects my overall gaming strategy (hit quick and hit hard)--although that strategy has not really worked out well in the past and thanks to B.H. Liddell Hart's book "Strategy," I am slowly learning why. But we'll save Hart for another posting.

Earlier this year, I wrote of the death of my 4th level fighter at the hands of a mounted orc and a hot d20. I then tried a cleric, who I do not believe even made it out of that session. After some thought I decided to have some fun and play a bard. Luten, the harmonica playing halfling bard, was born, as detailed in the past post.

I am having fun with the bard. As mentioned in the earlier post, he led an Orc patrol around a rock outcropping like the pied piper, allowing my companions to pick them off one at a time. Luten has not been without his issues, though, and this player quickly learned (the hard way) that bards do not play their music in silence, as I awoke a camp of sleeping orcs, who proceeded to slaughter all but myself and one other of our party. That other lone survivor (as soon as I saw the slaughter I headed out of camp and toward safety) was a wizard who easily slew a score of orcs. In fact, so impressed was Luten, that he wrote a song about "Diesil the Orc Slayer" giving my companions a +1 bonus against orcs.

It's been fun. I bought a Pathfinder Character Portfolio to flush him out, a miniature, and a book on playing halfings. I should be able to pick them up from the local online game store this week.

Happy gaming! Roll well and live!

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